Translated from the word TAROT, it is called "the mystery of nature". It is an ancient Western divination tool popular in Europe since the Middle Ages and its origin has been a mystery. A Tarot card is a kind of can be targeted at people, things, things to analyze and predict, and provide corresponding advice that has been widely recognized by the Tarot community. Tarot cards can be used for interpersonal relationships, work, study, love, and other issues to account for, Scholars also use tarot cards in psychological counseling. But the main use of it is tarot analysis function. Tarot cards a total of 78 cards, of which the big Arcana card is twenty-two, the small Arcana card is 56 cards. It can be used separately for accounting and can also be mixed to 78 cards. One thing to note is that tarot cards are not just fixed to one.

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In fact, there are thousands of types of tarot cards, but the main one is based on the three tarot systems and extends.

Tarot of Marseilles、The Rider-Waite Tarot、Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot.

1.Masai Tarot is a classic tarot from Marseille, France. Since the end of the fifteenth century, there have been documents documenting the publication of many printed tarot cards, and today it is recognized that 78 standard tarots are constructed, i.e., in accordance with the specifications of the Masahitaro cards. The painting style of the Masai Tarot card is simple, its small Arcana digital card, like poker with no story pattern. It is simply drawn in the same number of cards with the number of cards symbolism. For example: the Holy Grail four basically draw four holy grail, coin four basically draw four coins to express. Although the Masai card is relatively simple in painting style, scholars are still very interested in the study of the Masai card. The famous psychology master C.G. Jung believes that the Maasai Tarot card contains the symbol of the prototype of the human mind. In addition, Masai cards can be said to be more common in France than poker cards, but the local mainly play card games which can be bought in general stores.

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2.The Wittaro Virt (Wet) Tarot card is a member of the famous Golden Dawn Society of which Arthur B. Edward· Waite (1857-1942) of Founding Architecture and Pamela Coleman· Smith plotted and co-created and influenced later generations of the deepest and largest circulation of tarot cards. This tarot card was officially issued in 1910. There three main reasons why it is popular all over the world:

(1). Wittaro's small Arcana digital card is simply painted. The small Arcana card is a group symbol of the Mosaicaro. It used a specific story image to show the meaning of small Arcana, and it is easy to understand and consider the meaning of mysticism.

(2). Author Waite wrote a book explaining the principles of tarot cards and occupation. The title of the book is attached to the cards issued together and this is the first time in history tarot cards attached to the instruction manual so that buyers can study their own use. And the accompanying instruction manual initiative has also become a common case for future issues of tarot cards.

(3). The Wittaro card was issued in 1910 and is written in English by virtue of the strength of the British Empire and the subsequent rise of the United States. The best-selling tarot card in the United Kingdom gradually spread to the world. So far, the influence of the Wittaro card desigs was by at least hundreds of tarot cards, and English tarot books, but also more than 70% of the Wittaro cards of the original writing. So, to choose from many tarot cards set of international standards, the first choice is absolutely Wittaro card.   


3.the Totetaro card Tote (Tott) tarot card is by the modern controversial mysticist ( Aleister . Crowley, 1875-1947), with Lady (Frieda. Harris worked together for five years (1938-1943), combining astrology, Kabbalah, Essipau, Mythology, Alchemy, Magic, and other mystic elements to create this Egyptian-themed tarot card. Its style of painting unique and abstract aesthetic, the depth of content is more than most of the previous tarot cards. According to experience, most people who have used this deck think that the spiritual function of this card is greater than the function of accounting, so the Tott card in the use of tarot card for spiritual people, can be said to be the most respected.

The composition of the Tarot card, the Great Arcana, like its name, is used to explain the general fate of fate. Each card reflects the different circumstances of life, so the big names will become the focus of analysis. The answer or message it gives us is about a larger question or major situation on hand. At the same time, to provide us with a high level of thinking teaching. These teachings give us answers to important questions today and allow us to better choose our next steps rather than give us an exact solution. In addition, the "fool" card, it does not have the exact number in 22 large Arcana, sometimes people number it "0", sometimes they do not do number. Each of the twenty-two cards of Grand Arcana represents a character or experience that we must combine to fully understand ourselves to complete the growth of the individual's inner world, a process known as the "journey of fools".

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【0】(The Fool,0)

【1】(The Magician,I)

【2】(The High Priestess,II)

【3】(The Empress,III)

【4】(The Emperor,IV)

【5】(The Hierophant,or the Pope,V)

【6】(The Lovers,VI)

【7】(The Chariot,VII)

【8】( Strength,VIII)

【9】(The Hermit,IX)

【10】(The Wheel of Fortune,X)


【12】(The Hanged Man,XII)



【15】(The Devil,XV)

【16】(The Tower,XVI)

【17】 (The Star, XVII)

【18】(The Moon, XVIII)

【19】(The Sun, XIX)

【20】(Judgement, XX)

【21】(The World, XXI)


Little Arcana

The meaning of the four colors is as follows:

(The Leangle) stands for Elemental Fire, symbolizing passion, energy, and creativity.

(The Garren) stands for Elemental Earth and symbolizes money, materiality, and enjoyment.

(The Chalice) stands for Elemental Water and symbolizes emotion, relationship, love, and inspiration.

(The Blade) stands for elemental style, symbolizing thought, wisdom, communication, and conflict.

The little Arcana card is used to make up for the shortcomings of the big Arcana card. If we want to know more about fate or each other's affairs. Among them, the servant, knight, queen, king of the character card, also known as Court cards.