What rules do we need to follow when carrying out Tarot's dominance?

  1. Tarot cards used to be usually very esoteric. Generally provided is a warning omen and is a "touch machine." Sincerity is spiritual.   
  2. In progress, the question needs to be straightforward, and it is best to ask only one question at a time.   
  3. Any tarot card is divided into yin and yang. Do not be discouraged when you get a bad card. Be alert. Do not be too proud when you get a good card, take advantage of the opportunity to take action so you do not miss an opportunity.   
  4. Tarot speculates on the symbolic significance of the item. Each tarot card means both positive and negative. When the card turned out the opposite, it represents the meaning of the opposite. If it turned out the positive, then it represents the positive meaning.    
  5. You have to take good care of and cherish her, the more you cherish her, the deeper your feelings with her, the more you can appreciate the specific meaning of the Tarot card.   

    Tarot's Law-Magic Tarot

  6. The meaning of the Tarot deck is very rich. When the tarot card is turned over, we can first have some impression of the pattern. Let your heart touch the face. Usually, at this time, you get a lot of inspiration.   
  7. Make tarot card possession, let the questioner take the card, and shuffle it so that he has enough time to think about his problems. Help the questioner relax his emotions.   
  8. The same question cannot be consulted twice in a row. If you want to further solve the confusion in happiness, you can change the problem and then speculate to confirm.   
  9. Tarot card is a kind of induction, a medium. Through the card, we can see a sign. So, we can often use intuition and the sixth feeling to interpret the meaning of the card.   
  10. When carrying out tarot card occupation, choose a quiet place to avoid outside interference. When the questioner needs to consult about privacy issues, pay more attention to the choice of the location.     
  11. Whether the last signs on the Tarot side are ferocious or giddy. It is needed to have a correct mentality. The so-called plan in people, success in heaven, and man together are the most important laws of life.