The Moon symbolizes listening to your dreams to find the peace of the inner world. The Moon hints at facing fear, which is also preventing you from doing certain things. The reversal means that there is inner fear or unresolved problems that are beginning to show up. Find the power of the stars to overcome them.

The Moon

In The Moon card, a dog and a wolf barked at the moon because a crayfish appeared in the pool. A path leads from the collection to the distance, passing between the two towers to the mountain. The challenge here is to walk along the road from the pool without fear of being knocked down by the anxiety caused by dogs and wolves. These animals represent your lower levels, the nature of animals, and your fear of things that are unknown or not yet fully understood.

Suppose you have ever experienced a significant loss or are afraid of the upcoming changes in your life. In that case, you may have noticed that you can usually cope with these things rationally during the day—the time when fear or sadness will hit you fiercely again, maybe at night. The sun illuminates the outer world, and the moon shines the inner world of feeling, imagination, hope, and fear.

Imagination is compelling. It can quickly produce peace, harmony, and joy in the heart; it can also have pain, fear, sadness, and anger at the same speed. If I describe to you a long-legged spider with long hairs crawling across the face of a child sleeping in a balcony wicker chair, an image, or some reaction, will appear in your mind. If what I am going to describe now is that there is a clean white linen tablecloth floating by your feet, and you are sipping a cold drink while watching the sunset sinking lazily into the sea, then you will experience another experience.

Think of the person who has hurt you deeply in the past, and think of an unsolved problem. Whenever you think about that person or that situation again, you may experience some degree of pain again. Your imagination is hurting you, and your vision is using that person or situation, using them without their knowledge and unification. Do you know how many people are using their imagination in such a useless or even harmful form?

The Moon is a card that represents dreams and imagination. Goals are subconscious energy transformed into images. When this energy is too vital to be absorbed or understood, it may cause wild dreams, nightmares, and madness. The word "lunacy" (Lunacy, or loss of mind) is derived from the word "Luna," which means moon.

The subconscious fears represented by The Moon card must be faced by us alone because they transcend language and are deeply rooted in our inner animality. If you have gained confidence in the stars and can accept these wild things from your subconscious, these fears will subside, the water will be calm, and the road will still exist. This path leads to the sun on the other side of the mountain county, but until your inner world is calm, you still cannot fully appreciate the outer world.

The Moon represents leaving external things and turning to introspection. It means a strong connection with the subconscious through dreams. It is a card representing Cancer in astrology. Other cards representing Cancer include the court cards for the chariot and the Holy Grail. The second issue for Cancer is to overcome personal fears to use our imagination creatively.

The Moon (The Moon) card interpretation

It is a card that represents confusion and anxiety. Under the moonlight, the lobster crawled out of the water and walked towards the moon goddess. It had to choose the correct one of the two high towers in the distance because that tower was the only way to see the moon goddess. Because the moon goddess also attracted the wolves and hounds on the shore, they didn't notice the lobster close at hand for the time being. The dog represents the dependence of the crayfish on the old world, and the wolf represents the fear of the crayfish.

The moon is a bridge to the spiritual world. The moon wins, and the moon loses symbolizes change. When the full moon appears, people know it is about to lose money, and their hearts feel uneasy. The bigger the moon is, the closer it is to becoming smaller and worrying about the coming of misfortune when happy so that people can't have any sense of slack.

The moon is also a symbol of femininity and emotion. In terms of career, it refers to an artistic or creative career. It also implies deception. The key to understanding this card lies in "confusion."

The Moon (The Moon) Orientation Explanation

Uneasiness, confusion, indecision, lies, deception, ghosts, turbulent love, triangle relationship

When the cards are upright, you may be a little dissatisfied in your career, hoping to use all your inner strength, so you start to want nighttime. In terms of relationships, you are very sensitive and afraid of being hurt. Despite the promise of your partner, you still hesitate and even have thoughts of avoiding it.

The Moon (The Moon) inverse interpretation

Escape from scams, resolve misunderstandings, improve conditions, anticipate danger, wait, and face the cracks of love

When the cards face upside down in your career, you start to shrink from outside pressure, and you have doubts about your established goals. Emotionally, the problems between you are beginning to emerge.

General meaning

The Moon represents intense dreams and intuitions that are conveyed to your conscious thoughts through dreams. A decisive goal attempts to tell you something. Listen to your dreams, and you will find the answers you are looking for. Perhaps you can easily recall those dreams when you are awake, or you may feel exhausted after normal sleep because intense fantasies interfere with your sleep pattern.

Inverted moon

When the moon card is upside down, the animals are drawn on it, and the fear they represent is calling you to deal with them. The dream becomes a nightmare because you are looking for a solution to the difference between the inner and outer worlds. Maybe you will find that you are creating disputes or inconsistencies in your physical world and want to conquer the fears that exist in your inner world in this way. You may turn these challenges into a tangible form so that you can unquestionably handle them under the sun, rather than trying to overcome the vague things that lie in the moonlight.

The standing moon upside down implies that unresolved things are coming to you again. Now is the time to face these inherent challenges rather than retreat to the security realm of the tangible world. It is also the time to return to the star card to experience the confidence and hope it provides. It can also remind you that the same pool contains your fears, strengths, and solutions to problems.

Thinking about the relationship between the sexes

In analyzing the relationship between the sexes, the moon represents that everything on the surface is beautiful. Still, the bottom is turbulent-everything is perfectly harmonious in daily life. Still, some things have not been discussed, recognized, or unresolved. Perhaps you fear deeper commitments or want to leave the relationship, but fear pulls you back. Your partner may remind you of past relationships or unresolved issues in your parental relationship. Things can't just look at the surface. If you are willing to listen to your dreams or subconscious, you may discover what is going on in your heart.