The unveiling of the Tarot cards



The stars


 : Hope, inspiration, tolerance, peace


 : In the past, because of your over-dependence on others, once this structure is broken, you will feel empty, and this is the reason why your hope is shattered.




Your situation, now


The world


 : complete, complete, realistic, victory


[Interpretation] : You are content at present, when you feel that the world and everything is yours.






What will happen, after




 : A sudden change, ruin, decline, accident


[interpretation] : the root of the problem has always been unable to solve, you can not resist, you only positive to face






What's going on, what you know about the problem




 : Integrity, equality, justice, determination


 : Many things, whether the past is right or wrong, it is the time for you to make a decision, you have to carefully weigh things, and then make important decisions.






Results, what should be done


The king


 : Power, system, rule, leadership, structure


[Interpretation] : Discipline and practical commitment to life: disciplined, step-by-step efforts are sure to lead to success.




In the past, a person is very considerate to me, he is like oxygen is full of my life indispensable, but I never know to cherish. In the past two years, I gradually began to rely on him from an independent person, minute by minute, until I heard the news that he was leaving, I did not know that I had been deeply involved. But he had to go, and my world would collapse due to lack of oxygen, so my soul was out of body, floating all day long on the border of "freedom".


Now, I experienced the chaos after calm down, bit by bit to clean up the broken pieces, tidy up the chaotic thoughts. Life is in order, and no big things happen, but life is no longer his figure. I always think the one part of the head is turned off, or is empty, I don't care about this situation, most of the time but sometimes that a dark empty expansion to the brain, and even the whole body, I again into that kind of uneasy, looking at the photo and video, as he left I hate cannot return to at the beginning all over again, let me to feel your experiences, your sad, And change the choice behind.


From now on, we are impossible to have intersection again, that night plucked up the courage to call your phone, that you want to get engaged to the news, at that time the first feeling is that you can finally settle down, do not have to be so careful to maintain long-distance love; Secondly, it is sad, which means that the distance between you and me will be further and further away, as if my heart has been placed in the place where we were separated three years ago, without taking away. Now is the empty body, floating in the crowd.


Tonight, I opened the hidden folder, and saw a long time not seen you, she, and our past, the first time I willful vent the feelings of regret, I want to go back to the past, back to three years ago. Want to talk to you, want to add you as a friend, think a lot of things can save us, blurred line of sight more hope to penetrate the reality in front of us, to a world can realize the desire, good love you again! But thinking of your stable relationship and happy family laughter, I clicked the "cancel" button...


Finally, I had to turn to the tarot cards to ask about our future. And the tarot cards have made it very clear that we do not have fate any more. Now I can only accept this reality rationally. I will use my reason again and again to fill the empty heart so that she will no longer feel pain. From now on, I will slowly change themselves, slowly fade themselves, until disappear...... Perhaps, at that time I really eliminated the inner demons, into your dream that angel in white!

Tarot cards and telepathy


The tarot card is a kind of information receiving terminal similar to the radio. So far, no one I know or myself has used the tarot card to send or transmit information, so it is currently used similar to the radio, rather than the telephone, the computer.


Just as a radio can receive different frequency bands of radio waves, in the process of divination, the tarot card is also receiving various related information waves; And just as a radio can convert the received radio waves into sound, a diviner interprets the received information waves into thought and language. The process of tarot divination interpretation requires a very close cooperation between people and cards to play a role together. Therefore, the resonance and induction between people and cards is also very important.


And what is this ability, or telepathy? Here I can only say that the essence of telepathy is one of resonance, which is hard for my light knowledge to explain, or for human thought and language to define. Because it can transcend time and space, it moves through different time and space, and it is difficult to be shaped by our thinking and consciousness.


Of course, we humans have this ability to receive and interpret information waves, but for most of us, it's not highly developed. Moreover, even those who have activated this function do not necessarily have clear vision or telepathy.


And here's the magic of tarot cards: even the untapped can tap into their own psychic powers through the use of tarot cards. Because of this, a lot of people unconsciously think tarot cards are fun, magic, it seems that there is an indescribable charm on tarot cards.


1.0 Energy & Energy field


1.1 power source


As we know, radios need batteries to power them, and without the power of batteries, radios can't function at all, let alone receive the radio waves and convert them into sound. Similarly, tarot card divination requires energy, so what are the batteries used by tarot cards?


Normally, most of the power in a tarot card comes from the diviners themselves. An important purpose of the diviners when they touch the cards (or even open them) is to transfer their energy to the cards. It can be said that the diviner is the most direct "battery" of tarot cards. Many diviners often feel tired after a divination, which is a normal response to acting as a battery.


In divination, if the questioner is involved in shuffling and drawing cards, then the questioner is also a source of energy for the tarot divination.


In addition to diviners and inquirers, tarot cards may be influenced by other energy sources and be given some other power. Its specific influence depends on the actual situation.


1.2 the field


The human body is wrapped and permeated by its own energy field, and each person is a very complex collection of different frequencies of energy. When the divinator touches a tarot card, some of the energy in his field naturally attaches to the card. The more frequently and closely the cards are in contact with the divinator, the more the cards are influenced by the divinator's energy field, that is, the more energy the cards have. Moreover, the energy attached to it has a certain frequency, and frequency represents the property of energy. In general, the energy frequency on the tarot cards is similar or even the same as the energy frequency on the diviner.


So we can think of it as a fundamental energy field that can be created in the card when it is energized. This energy field has a certain energy value and energy frequency, and it is constantly changing, is dynamic. Its dynamics are influenced by a combination of factors, so we can think of it as a basic energy field that can be generated in the card when it is energized. This energy field has a certain energy value and energy frequency, and it is constantly changing, is dynamic. Its dynamics is influenced by a variety of factors, which mainly fall into four categories:


A picture of the card itself


The power of the diviner


The energy of the questioner


A wave of information received during divination


One thing to emphasize here is that the energy field on the tarot card and the tarot card itself are integrated. Just as our spirit and flesh are not divided but connected and integrated, so the energy field of the cards and the cards themselves are not divided but closely related.


The tarot can only be considered a fully equipped receiving terminal when its basic energy field has been formed. We can say that it is a high precision equipment (some similar to the human three-eye wheel), it can receive the frequency, band beyond the detection level of modern technology.


1.3 Energy resonance


In general, the energy frequencies of the diviner's field and the basic field of the tarot cards are similar or even the same. As a result, they naturally resonate, which is called frequency resonance


(resonance). This energy resonance is the form of the message wave between the divinator and the tarot card.


We often have difficulty detecting the resonance, or the wave of information passing between the cards and ourselves. Just as they do not feel their own energy field, diviners often do not feel their connection to the cards. However, at some point, the fortunetellers may have strange reactions to their cards, and I think many people may have experienced this, which is a direct reflection of the human card resonance.


This human resonance is very important for us to read the message of the tarot cards. Because, resonance is not only the transmission of information wave, but also the information wave itself. In fact, our resolution is often a translation of the resonance we feel. So the stronger and clearer the energy resonance, the better it is for us to understand and express the content of the message wave.


At the same time, the resonance is dynamic, constantly changing due to the interaction between the divinator and the cards, and constrained by time and space.


2.0 Information wave & reception of information wave


2.1 information wave


It is difficult to define the various waves of information received by the tarot energy field. How to measure the frequency and energy of the waves of information in the telepathic world? This is a question that may be answered in the future, but for now, we are not really on the threshold of research.


The energy field of the Tarot card receives a wave of information, and it comes from a certain source. In divination, the source of these information waves is usually the questioner himself and his environment (the information waves are usually stored in a higher spatial dimension). Some kind of connection (or mental connection) must be made between the source of these information waves and the divinator (or tarot field) for the tarot field to receive the relevant information waves.


This kind of connection (or spiritual connection) is often based on information sharing, such as the information sharing of the questioner's personal situation, problems, living environment and so on. If there has been some kind of energy contact between the soothteller and the questioner, such as a family member who lives with them, a classmate who attends a class with them, then the connection (or spiritual connection) between the soothteller and the questioner is more stable and reliable than simply sharing information.


When you're doing remote divination with a stranger, there's a challenge in establishing a reliable and stable connection between the diviner (or the tarot field) and the source of the message wave. Many remote divination failures are not due to errors in divination or deck unhandling, but often due to the failure to establish a reliable connection between the diviner and the seeker, so that the tarot energy field cannot receive the relevant information waves.


For face-to-face divination, by personally shuffling and drawing the cards, the seeker's information (including his personal situation and problems) is naturally incorporated into the tarot field, and the connection between the source of the information and the tarot field is achieved through direct contact.


2.2 Wave frequency


There is an important concept in modern quantum mechanics: wave-particle duality, that is, all matter has the dual characteristics of a particle and a wave. According to this theory, all matter can be thought of as being formed by waves of a certain frequency. In fact, in addition to matter, our spirit also has the wave-particle duality. Our minds can also be thought of as waves with certain frequencies.


In ancient and modern times, there are occult theories that everything is a manifestation of light, such as the worship of light by the Kabbalahs. These theories of light do not stand for "light" as opposed to darkness, but for the fact that all matter and spirit have the property of a wave, and all energy has a frequency. Because light is the highest frequency that can be directly observed in the physical world, some occultists, ancient and modern, like to use light as a metaphor.


Naturally, the waves of information we receive with the tarot energy field also have a certain frequency. In general, the higher the frequency of a wave, the greater the amount of energy it carries. The energy frequency in the mental world is higher than that in the physical world, and therefore the energy value of the mental body is greater than that of the physical body. In the mental world, the waves of information travel faster than light.


And the information wave in the mental world, its frequency range, in theory, can be infinitely high. But the range of frequencies that can be picked up by the Cotalo energy field is limited. So, our tarot card divination reveals a limited amount of information. Of course, by changing the field of the tarot cards, we can change this limit, we can make the frequency range more and more loose, so that we can receive more and more information in the divination.


2.3 Reception of information wave


In divination, we may be asked all kinds of questions about the individual, about the collective, about the material, about the spiritual, and even more difficult to understand and imagine. Therefore, the information that the tarot cards need to receive is not concentrated on one side or one level. However, the information waves associated with different problems often have different frequencies, which means that the energy required to receive these information waves is different.


The higher the frequency of the received message wave, the higher the frequency of the tarot field and the psychic frequency of the diviner must rise in order to receive the message wave. And we need to consume more energy, not only the divination activity needs to consume more energy, even the card solving activity needs to consume more energy, because high frequency mental activities need high-energy support.


However, most of the questions involved in divination are personal, such as money, school, love, career, etc., and the waves of information related to these general questions do not usually have high frequencies, so it is not difficult for the tarot field to receive them. However, if the divination problem involves a collective, such as divination of the whole stock market, the relevant information is really too large, often quite high frequency information wave has such a large information capacity, so for the general tarot cards and divination, it is almost impossible to receive.


It is important to note that the questioner's question is also a kind of information that needs to be transmitted to the tarot energy field in the form of a wave of information. Therefore, when asking a question, the questioner must also connect with the tarot energy field and calm down to ask the tarot card.


3.0 Resonance/Card solving


3.1 Person card resonance


After being received by the field of the tarot card, the wave of information continues to travel through the field and then focuses on one or several cards. At this point, the power of one or several tarot cards will be magnified, and it will be more easily sensed by the person drawing the card. However, in the process of drawing cards, we often draw the card is not that one or several power amplification of the tarot card. There is no need to worry, however, as the energy field of the cards is a constantly moving whole, and information waves can flow from one card to another in real time.


When the cards are drawn and turned over, we begin to empathize with the cards that are drawn. The resonance between the diviners and the tarot cards is the prelude to the resolution of the cards. In order to interpret the cards correctly, we need to be able to hear them in person through this resonance.


The resonance between the diviner and the cards, for most people, is a sense of the cards, or intuition. But intuition is just a flash of intuition, whereas human resonance tends to have a certain duration, which is kind of like a prolonged duration of intuition. In the beginning, we just have some feelings about the cards that we draw, which we often find inarticulate and difficult to express. This is actually weak empathy. Gradually, we seem to be able to sense the energy patterns expressed on the cards, picking up an approximate frequency that is not too vague. Further up, we may even reach a clearer and stronger human resonance.


There are usually two ways to trigger the resonance, the first is to directly feel the energy frequency on the card, the second is by focusing on the card. Non-psychics like me usually use the second method to elicit empathy, since the first method requires some psychic ability to perform.


3.2 Resonance & imaging


The process of focusing on the card to elicit empathy is as follows: Scan the card before you unlock it. If there is a part of the card or a detail that catches your attention, you should focus more on that detail, because it will be a trigger for empathy. When you focus your attention on the part that attracts you and simply become aware of it, images representing specific energy patterns tend to be reflected in your consciousness.


Here's an example: draw a star six, and when you stare at it, you see six circular energy groups in your mind. These six energy groups are on the same plane, surrounded like the six vertex of a regular hexagon, and they form a harmonious whole.


In this resonance, in addition to receiving the information wave, we also receive the image of the wave (such as the six energy clusters). Because the induction of the information wave is beyond consciousness, we are generally difficult to detect, so, most of the resonance is based on the induction of information wave imaging. This kind of imaging is part of the resonance of human cards, the manifestation of information wave in the consciousness, and also the most vivid part of the resonance. But such images are still abstract to our understanding.


In fact, empathy is not only persistent, but can have a series of distinct variations. That is to say, on the basis of the first resonance, can continue to generate new resonance, forming a continuous series of resonance. Therefore, the resonance imaging is also changeable, which may produce a series of dynamic pictures. Some psychic diviners may feel and see some dynamic plots when looking at the cards, which are also the resonance of the human cards.


3.3 solution brand


When we perceive the resonance images, whether they are static or dynamic, their contents are still very abstract to our understanding, and do not directly explain the questions addressed in divination. Therefore, we must translate the content of resonance imaging into visual and understandable content that can be directly related to the problem of divination, and this process is in fact card solving.


How much the diviner can translate in undeck depends on the diviner's understanding of energy and his mental acuity for similar things. The greater the understanding of energy, the more clearly the diviner will know what resonance imaging means; The more mentally attuned to similar objects, the more accurately the diviner will be able to connect the resonance images to real people and things.


To improve the understanding of the energies and the mental acuity of similar things, the diviner must practice constantly