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The energy of life comes from the static state


Where does life energy come from? From static, from empty. So ten months of our life in our mother's womb is static. Why do we sleep at night when we are busy during the day? Because it needs to be fixed. You have to rest your brain. In the old religion, people knelt there and prayed or sat there and had peace of mind for a while.


Another example of a person sick must go to the hospital; why? It's not the doctors in the hospital; it's the medicine that cures you, it's the rest you get, the treatment is just a help. So there are many, many reasons why static is essential.


Thousands of years ago, a man in China put this principle most clearly, namely Lao Tzu of Taoism. Now I tell you, Lao Tzu has a sentence to remember when you translate to think, to translate out accurately.


Let me first explain why I have such a memory. I was trained as a child to remember all the books I liked and memorize them without using a notebook. This is a peaceful accomplishment. The decline of everyone's memory because things are much, not quiet. This is my proof to tell you.







Now I will recite a passage from Lao Tzu's book. I will speak the original text. It is up to you whether I can translate it well or not. Lao Tzu said, "All things are in their roots. Return to the root of the quiet, quiet said reply ".


Lao Tzu meant that the life of all things in the heaven and earth. "Yun Yun" means that there are so many plants and trees on the earth that they cannot be counted. It is used as a metaphor for all things. The vitality of plants lies in the roots. Why do they grow so fast and so much? Because the root absorbs the positive forces between heaven and earth. What is the root? It is the source of all life. Return to the root is static, can static return to life. This is the important thing about static.


However, people forget this static life, but try to use dynamic to consume their own, is equal to the world human desperately to consume energy, the early consumption, will die. So yesterday we talked about the source of life, to stay healthy and long, and even to stay healthy and long, you have to learn to be quiet.


Every religion, scholar, philosopher, and even scientific inventor in the world has unknowingly invented things in a static state. So you can't be quiet.


For example, as I said just now, if I punish him quietly, he will suffer greatly. Because we are used to the dynamic situation, we forget the static state of life and forget the need to calm down our minds and emotions. All wisdom, if not in static, is not to play up.


So just mentioned Lao Tze four sentences. Lao Tzu also tells you the cultivation method of Taoism, there are eight characters: "special gas to soft, can the baby." Calm down the function of their physical activities, completely restore to the infant state, the brain is clear, is happy, of course, refers to the non-pathological baby.


-- Nan Huaijin and Peter Senge


- 2 -

A person who is old or young and infirm

There's only one secret to aging


Now it is said that "In the north of China, in the midst of the deep and serene cloud, the moon is the image of the new moon". There are two aspects to this, one abstract, the other practical. According to the astronomical phenomena in the Book of Changes, the north is represented by the Kan gua and the south is represented by the Departed gua.


The top of our body is the south, and the north is the perineal hole below; The other north is the kidney, the kidney water belongs to the north, and the south is the heart fire.


People's thoughts can be separated, and they can understand and see intelligently. This belongs to separation and south. Physiological changes, the popularity of blood, the activation of vital energy, these phenomena are the representative of northern Kangua, which belong to the water part.


In terms of the hexagrams, the hexagrams are located in the north, "in the youque". In ancient times, the anus was called pylorus. Of course, the "Younique" does not refer to the part of rectal excretory, in fact, it refers to the perineal hole and the bottom of the sea, which all belong to the "Younique". "Que" means palace que, palace, north is here, belongs to the water.


Human body with celestial bodies to match, the so-called Kan gua is north, take the earthly branch to arrange a circle, "Zi Chou Yin Mao Chen si noon not Shen you xu hai", north is the night hai, zi later to Zi shi. So the child time is also a day in a Yang to reply, cathode Yang sheng, here mentioned in the north of the faint part, is the position of the neutron time.


The same is true of our bodies. Is life vigorous? Is it youthful? Physical desire? Is there a Yang phenomenon? If you don't, you're completely sold.


Aging is the life will be absolutely, in the book of Changes belongs to the hexagrams of wandering soul, is the soul of the ruins between the tomb. So how do you rejuvenate? How to cultivate yourself? Old people or young people with weak body, there is only one secret to resist aging, is "quiet", keep quiet.


There was no thought, but no lethargy; the mind was clear, the mind was clear, and the mind was as clear as hibernation. Raise how much time is not certain, see age relation, at least a cycle seven days.


Seven days down, wait until the breath of youth restored, Yang qi started! Do not move desire ah! With the desire of the relationship between men and women to cooperate on the end! Therefore, the Taoist doctrine of double cultivation of life is equal to the Buddhist mind and mind. This function must be clearly distinguished, without any miscellaneous thoughts, no evil thoughts, no evil thoughts, no evil thoughts, when a Yang comes to recover, the position of the zhengzi, Yang will be restored.


As long as you so once can grasp, do not say every time, once can grasp, dispel illness prolong medicine in your hand, you can be sure. However, it is also very difficult, although you grasp, but the latent change of Yang, there is indeed a breakthrough, a pass is difficult to turn ah! When rushing up, the first one is the waist, and the backache will come.


Especially in old age, all kinds of diseases come to you. It is not because you have made the fault, but because your machine is broken. When the sun starts to rush up, you must be mended first. Little by little, Yang qi was cultivated and rose to the hexagram of Lixiang in the south, and then reached the top of the head. When you reach the top of the head, it doesn't count; it's just a function. When you reach the top of the head, all the chakras are open. In tantra, the top of the head is called the dala chakra.


One hundred people who practice can't find half success. Why? First, everyone wants to live forever, and they hope to be rich, have government officials, and live a long life. Their sons are filial and their daughters are good, and their daughters are more obedient. They also want to become buddhas and immortals. It's impossible. If you have so many wishes, even if you meditate for more than ten minutes every day, your mind will never calm down or settle down. Your qi will not return to the deep and serene que of the Kan gua, nor will it gather in the positrine position.

-- "I said To Join the Deed."