Tarot card XIX. Interpretation of The positive/inverse meaning of The Sun

Related words: success

Corresponding star: the sun

Keywords: vitality, enthusiasm, bright, prosperous, bright future, objective, lofty ideals, strong inspiration, energetic, full of power, clear goals.

Card face interpretation:
"The sun" is shining high in the clear sky, the ground is broad and clear, under the sun there is a pure child, he represents the joy of life, because the age is still minimal, so the potential is infinite, development is unlimited. The naked child does not hide the face of the world, on behalf of the open and aboveboard and do not deceive the attitude, and young children are happy to play, his healthy and content growth, the future is full of hope, this is the "sun" brought by the guarantee. Under the full heat of the "sun," the child has no fear of trying new things, his cognition of the world is as warm as the sun, and his future road is also an obvious goal.

Interpretation of brand meaning:
"Sun" is a hot, bright, and hopeful card that almost predicts a successful future.

"Sun" brand brings heat and energy, shining on the earth a thriving scene, showing infinite vitality. "Sun" is a bright day, a clear, bright sky, very different from "Moon." And the flowers in full bloom, just as the colorful life, wanton color, the world is full of enthusiasm and vitality. The big and eye-catching "sun" is the source of all power and the goal of all efforts. All things follow its principle to show themselves to shine and heat. "Sun" also stands for success insight. As long as you have confidence and enthusiasm, anything is not complicated, the prospect and future are bright.

It is full of heat the sun card, put your hands up, and feel hands filled with a hot, the sun hung high. It is the most vigorous time, prospects for the baby, a symbol of the freshmen, across the rear fence, said efforts have crossed and obstacles ahead, the next all risks quite well well, reasonable the beginning of everything.

The overall feeling is quite happy and happy, like a child that moves pure happiness, pure happiness, personality risk of the cheerful, sunny boy, without the slightest concealment, full enthusiasm marks. In the work of things, smooth, fast, aggressive, all aspects like the sun radiate the light, expand smoothly, and then complete the goal, reach the peak, quite successful. In terms of the emotional side, between two people get along with calm, all stand under the sun, /, nothing to hide, the relationship of rare, therefore, some ideas for a "good friend" relationship, a kind of pure friendship, is not a relationship, but in the face of the sun, feel everything is straight to the up and down, and feel positive thoughts in words.

The sun card appears, can discuss with the case study is how to reach the goal, this goal to give you what kind of meaning, believe their performance, the process had not now is how to breakthrough at the time, for their such process what want to say to yourself, case environment important how others will see with a case... And so on, to increase the experience of successful experience of the case and enhance its positive psychology. Sun card is the point of time for the hot sun; the sun is the sun, the moon card is at midnight, the moon card is the moment of dawn, the two cards represent the tension between the sun and the moon cycle, creating a world of everlasting life and growth.

The three zi-ran zhang phenomenon (XingXingPai - the sun) tells the story of how, how to make a decision XingXingPai true self through understanding, to know what is the natural desire to oneself, the moon card tells us that even if the decision is lonely, is must endure all kinds of uncertain anxiety. Still, we have to through the choice to walk the road ahead, And assume all kinds of uneasiness and choice of responsibility, the sun card into the will the action will eventually appear; When facing the client, the diviner's task is like this: to help the client to explore himself, to help the client to make choices, and to remove all kinds of reasons that hinder the implementation of the will, to help the client to bear uncertainty, and to make a determined commitment, into the actual action of choice.

Anti - and inverse reading
Positions: promising, prosperous, successful future, aboveboard relationship, passionate love, happy marriage, fruitful, smooth running of events, material happiness, productive, fulfilling life, exuberant.

Inverse: a life stage of fading enthusiasm, fading, failure, detachment, arrogance, loss of purpose, no vision, loss of vitality, no future, material poverty, and unhappiness.

When the sun is about to go down, it is the time point of inversion. At this moment, the field produces a situation like the downward slope of enthusiasm, and the inversion occurs. The parties concerned may be too impatient to pay attention to their ability and energy, consume too much gasoline, and go too fast. In addition, considering that the time point is dusk, which also represents the darkness of night is coming, some things about the future need to be paid more attention to, and we should be cautious in the face of future risks.
Tarot primary card meaning: 19 sun
It basically means a kind of a little bigger than the moon cuhk degree of fixed or the state, but in this state, set or result from really feel as specified or results (the meaning of world brand), there is a particular space or distance, but would be a little less than the moon (such as things have preliminary results, But the whole thing is not finished, and there is still something to be done later, or the result of something, only a result of some significant degree, which is still a small distance from the ideal complete result). This fixed or development state may be good or bad, depending on the various circumstances of the divination problem.

The sun is divided into two scenarios,

First, the fixed or resultant state is the desired state of the parties.

Second, the fixed or consequential state is not the desired state of the parties.

Practical examples:

In the first scenario, as in the following, can US presidential candidate Barack Obama be elected? (Currently, ahead of McCain, the voting method in the United States is different from that in Taiwan, please refer to the voting method in the United States.)

Chariot positive > Judgment positive > Sun positive (Holy Triangle Divination)

Chariot representatives are on the campaign trail, the situation is not sure, a trial is fixed down, almost entirely determined, and finally, the sun brand is in a state of fixed results, which is elected state (full results but why isn't the world brand, but in the sun, there is little left unfinished follow-up space reasons, Because, after the election, there are other things to be done, such as taking office.

The second scenario, such as the following, asks if the job is available. (Only submit resume, not interview)(actual status: no admission)

Justice is right > Sun is right > Fools are right (Holy Triangle Divination)

Justice is on behalf of the divination people waiting for a few days later, intermediate judgment should not inform the interview began, and then the sun card is representative, after waiting for more days, began to think that there should be no chance (no clear notice because of the company, so you can only judge should be like that, so will not appear very results verify the integrity of the world), The last fool is when he starts thinking about looking for a new job.

Reference solution means:

Basically means the sun and the world, I have said it is a small world, only the sun and the differences of the world, is the cycle of all things in the world the interactive operation situation, has reached a final completely natural fixed state, but the sun is not quite, the sun will let a person feel everything people of operation, while basically the same as the world, The same right in the fixed loop operation, but haven't really to a natural end complete fixed, in the world, the selected cycle, it is natural, but in the sun, will become a rule under the limit cycle, the two are different, is like a loop of the all things to all human interaction, in a perfect situation, But don't forget, this is the human, human and must be in accordance with the rules to operate, this is not the same as the situation in practice divination, such as feeling something to a is very close to the final complete state that's right, but also the last step of the absolute missing certain things and so on, such as the mountain to learn martial arts from master, you have to practice to the realm of high (the sun), The martial arts moves have reached the state of perfection (but there are only moves and rules), but the absolute most heightened state of this martial arts is the unity of human powers (completely natural integration), no actions to win a move (the world), utterly natural integration together.

In short, the state of the sun basically can be said to be the same as the world, so I will call it a small world card, refer to the meaning of the world to explain, just want to pay attention to the difference between the two cards.

The sun is commonly used as a "community relations" (people) in the small world. This kind of group relation is a comprehensive, wide range of relationships between people of a type of feeling. Still, the relationship of emotion is a relationship between immobilized situation basic meaning (sun), such as the two sides know for a long time, the relationship becomes immobilized friends, or two people for a long time, The relationship becomes a feeling of immobilization and habituation.