(I) Submarine wheel: (color: red)


Located at the end of the spine, it represents vitality and vitality, the chakras that satisfy our desire to survive. This chakra extends down to the feet, much as the body of a tree trunk extends down to its roots into the earth. The stable submarine wheel brings vitality and vitality to the material world, and is a kind of action force that actively strives to practice its goals. This chakra enables us to pursue the enthusiasm to survive in the material world, the will to survive in adversity and the basic ability to ensure the reproduction of future generations. It brings a sense of security and stability, and makes us experience the rich material life and the satisfaction and happiness of the soul.


Disorders: most obviously, the chakras situated near the diseases of the organs, appear on the heart is the characteristic of selfishness, individualism is above the welfare of all people, do not feel the real love, not considerate, fear of lack, sexual abuse and seek sensual meet at all, the live entertainment as the first goal.


(2) Id wheel: (Color: orange)


Also known as reproductive wheel. Located just above the pubic bone to the navel, this chakra represents optimism, confidence, enthusiasm, courage, strength, creativity, compassion, and the ability to enjoy sexual pleasure. This chakra presents the longing for intimacy, such as: personal with your spouse, between individual and society, individual and family relationships, social link capacity, often by close relationships and creativity to express its live yao, this chakra positive expression, is to have ability of willing to take risks, as well as the ability to recover from the loss of self healing.


When out of order: It shows disease in the organs around the chakra, which is responsible for the stress glands in the body - the adrenal glands and the secretion of various hormones. Psychological disorders are characterized by: fighting, defensiveness, distrust, confusion about sex and love, too much or lack of fear of losing intimacy, blame, criticism, irrational anger, depression, too much or lack of sexual desire, addictive behaviors (smoking, drinking, drug addiction, etc.).


(3) Solar plexus: (color: yellow)


Also known as the sun wheel. It is located above the navel and on the diaphragm below the sternum. This chakra controls the body and mind, is the power center of the human energy field, and presents the individual's spiritual intelligence power and ability to achieve life's dreams. The ability to act, the ability to handle crises, the courage to take risks, the power, the willpower, the self-esteem, the confidence, the moral and self-restraint, the ability to serve the public... . When the third chakra is functioning properly, the body has enough energy to support all activities and achieve individual power to change society. It is the ability to make dreams real, the ability to turn dreams into real wealth, and if you wish to improve the world around you, then bringing balance to this chakra contributes to the realization of dreams.


Disorder: a disease occurs in the chakra range of organs. The vital organs of this chakra are the stomach, spleen, pancreas and liver, which are stores of energy in the body. Glucose is its store. Negative expressions are self-aggrandizement, desire to control, predatory, feeling powerless, lack of confidence, worthlessness, low self-esteem, worry, anxiety, weakness, masochism, helplessness and feeling powerless.


(4) Heart chakra: (Color: green)


Located around the heart, the thymus gland. The heart chakra is the axis of the whole chakra system. It is the chakra of emotional power. Through the heart chakra we share love and intimate relationships. The main strengths are to love and be loved, compassion, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, selflessness, devotion, intimacy, trust, hope, and the ability to heal oneself or others. The greatest strength of this chakra is forgiveness, selfless love, some would say compassion, love of self and others throughout the universe, kindness from the people, and generosity that nourishes ourselves and others.


The heart chakra has to do with the ability to love, and when this chakra is blocked, it's unable to have intimate relationships with people, enjoy sharing, and unconsciously create distance to protect itself from others. The feeling when this chakra is blocked is, Stinginess, loneliness, jealousy, selfishness, betrayal, ostracism, arrogance, sadness, abandonment, resentment, abuse or abuse of others, being disliked or disliked by others. This chakra shows the popularity of relationships. It's the chakra of relationships. After all, everyone likes to be liked.


(5) Throat wheel: (Color: blue)


In front and back of the throat. Is the centre of the powers of the mind, is an expression of emotional communication power, associated with the expression ability of self, this chakra ability comes from the integration of the power of the first three chakras, external display capabilities, in front of all the time to be, the true face of oneself, have the courage to say feelings, and heart carefree expression ability, leadership, creativity is relationship.


The throat chakra has to do with one's strength and willingness to express, and when this chakra is blocked, some of the imbalances that can occur are criticism, malice, betrayal, addiction, sleep disorders, lying, fear of expression, noise, and shut-eye. Since the fifth chakra is the center of psychic power, the operation of this chakra can lead to X-ray eyes, wind-following ears, and extraseptic perception. So the disorder can also manifest itself as a mental experience of loss of control, as well as a borderline personality, prone to neurotic symptoms, making it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality.


(six) Eyebrow wheel: (color: indigo blue)


Also known as the third eye, located in the center of the forehead, this energy is associated with the pituitary gland and the pineal gland, brain and nervous system, eyes, ears, and nose. The most basic ability is the ability of the brain to integrate reason and sensibility, intelligence and truth. The deeper power is the power of extrasensory, intuition, self-awareness, enlightenment, and insight into finding truth through illusions.


The third eye elevates our consciousness from the physical level to the spiritual level, allowing us to penetrate the surface of things and not be tied to past thoughts and feelings, increasing our sensitivity to energy, The ability to come from a higher level of consciousness, to be in balance with a world of multiple energies, to let things unfold as we wish, to be free of the linear constraints of space and time, to become masters of our own reality, is the place where great inspiration or creative power is generated, and the ability to be self-actualized.


When this chakra is blocked, it causes us to feel the ego and expansion of the mind, the sense of superiority, the desire for power, the persistence, the seizing, controlling or using of the mind's ability to enslave others to satisfy our own desires. Physical manifestations include depression, autism, self-denial, stress-related disorders, mental delusions, mental faculties... .


(7) Crown wheel: (color: purple)


Position in the center of the head, is to enter the gates of heaven, in this chakra we transcend self, beyond the two-element antagonism, achieve the universe consciousness, to experience the unity of nature and feeling, it is a kind of beyond the form representation ability, there is no subject and individual respectively, understand that we no respectively, and all things in all things to see me, in the I see the truth of the universe, To know that truth is in lies, pleasure in pain, freedom in bondage, that everything participates in God's creation and has a connection to each other.


Those who practice the seventh chakra with great skill gain a unique power, including the ability to awaken memories that belonged to the collective subconscious of humankind in ancient times. It helps us to transcend the illusion of cause and effect, to achieve true freedom and to reach the state of enlightenment.


When this chakra is blocked, it causes us to recoil, be negative, paranoid, paranoid, and sarcastic. The physical manifestations include insomnia, nagging thoughts in the brain, inability to rest, degeneration, and abnormal functional functions. Symptoms.


The current architectural source of the seven chakras is questionable, and osho is not excluded.