Yoga Practice Activates the Seven Chakras (Part 1)


Yoga Practice Activates the Seven Chakras


Most of us spend most of our time focusing on the outside world. We focus on the streets, TV, Internet, cell phones, children, or other endless things.


What attracts our attention every day is what we are busy with, just like when I write an article, I am looking at the computer screen, and you are looking at these words on the page. Even today's yoga practices tend to focus on external forms to make your asana accurate and look good and often quickly switch from one asana to another. At the same time, students do not have time to focus inward. We know what we focus on, but where does consciousness come from?

Embracing the source of consciousness is one of the basic purposes of yoga. There is a very sacred place within you, called the temple within. It is a temple of light and splendor, a sanctuary of wondrous peace and tranquility, and a sacred dwelling place. The body is the external form of this temple. Maintaining physical health and vitality is essential to maintaining our internal temple. As a medium that connects the inner and outer worlds, Yoga serves both the temple of the body and the divine being within.


Chakras can be seen as rooms in the body temple. By opening these rooms, you can enter the temple's interior and give Shiva (representing pure consciousness) and Shakti (representing life energy) a place of unity.


Of course, temples are not literal spaces. If you dissect the human body, you will not find such spaces in the body.


However, when the subtle energy of the chakra is turned on, it does give you a sense of emptiness and provide you with space to settle in your inner temple.

In addition, chakras are the gateway between the inner world and the outer world. They are the connection points between the mind and the body, acting as capacitive resistors in the flow of life energy. As portals, they filter or refine energy from the outside while limiting or enhancing the information expressed from the inside. Because chakras are the gateway to this exchange between the inner and outer world, you must understand how to pamper them.

The purpose of yoga is to find the key to opening every room in your inner temple and awakening inner sanctity. The body is your car to reach your destination, and consciousness is the driver of this car. Here lies the key to practice, yoga provides the path, and the chakra system is the map.


Muladhara map

Muladhara map

The first chakra diagram is a four-petal lotus flower, usually containing a square, a downward triangle, and an upward-pointing Shiva Linga, wrapped in three and a half turn by the kundalini serpent. Let me come to how you incorporate these symbols into your body.


Imagine that you have a root wheel symbol on your mat. Put your feet in place so that the linear center of each foot, from the center of the heel to the second toe -- forms the left and right sides of the square. Imagine drawing a line between your toe and heel; here, you have the top and bottom sides of the square. You can't make this square a rectangle or a trapezoid, but a square that is square and standard.

first chakra symbol


Then find the midline of your body, the central axis of the front and back (coronal plane) (below), the coronal axis is the position where it intersects your hips. Imagine that these points form the upper corners of the downward-facing triangle (see figure). Your perineum is the bottom end of the triangle. Imagine that the bottom end of your triangle points down to the center of the square between your hips and. (as shown)


Seven Chakras


In the middle of the square, Siva lingam represents the ascending energy of Sushumna, the central passage of the human body of the midrib, and also your core. The coiled spirit snake of Kundalini-Shakti represents the constraint of our vitality, condensing it into a solid in the first chakra. In honor of this symbol, you embrace your core, condense your strength, and take root.


The four petals of the chakra represent the four directions - the direction of the human body in the physical space. This moves you from "avatar" to "avatar." It brings you into the world, starting from the ground and the core. It can be considered "Mudra of the Feet," which lays the foundation in the sacred space of the mat.

charkra symbol


The Sanskrit letters in the picture are the seed sounds of the first chakra or lam. You can now seal the base by repeating the seed sounds several times rhythmically. Speak out its sound and then get softer and softer until you hear it only internally—the plant seeds in the middle of your first chakra.


Ancient tantric yogis understood that to experience a different dimension of life, a life that feels more reliable, more sacred, and more connected to the world-we must awaken inner strength. One of the key methods of awakening inner strength is the practice of chakra yoga. In chakra yoga practice, the teacher's mental guidance is the most critical.



Activate Muladhara's Asana



Activate Muladhara's Asana


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