Chakra Healing

What are Chakras?

Each of us has seven meta-wheel-like energy centers at the inner core, known as chakras.

The seven chakras are the seven vibrational forms that make up the mysterious rainbow bridge, through which the connecting pipe connects heaven and earth, heart and body, spirituality and material past and future.

Each chakra we meet is a step in the path of connection between matter and consciousness, so understanding chakras knowledge is equivalent to recognizing including all areas of life that allow us to understand, from the physical level of physical and instinctive perception to the interpersonal level of interaction with society, and finally to the more abstract field of hyperpersonal consciousness. Once all chakras are understood, opened up, and connected to bridge the gap between matter and spirituality, it is to realize that we are the rainbow bridge that reconnects heaven and earth, and our life will be richer and better.


Chakras are portals between different levels. Interactions such as those at one level of the central point of the chakras (such as emotional thoughts) are connected and ingested at another level (such as our bodies) that in turn affect our interactions with others and thus affect another level and our activities outside the world.

For example, the emotional experience of fear is often associated with the first chakras. Fear, which affects our bodies in a particular way. We feel shortness of breath, stomach discomfort, and trembling hands and sounds. These physical symptoms show that we face the world with a lack confidence that may lead others to treat us in a negative way, thereby deepening our fears, which may be rooted in unresolved childhood experiences that still govern our current behavior. So healing chakras can go beyond the old patterns that bind us to our bodies or inertia.


Life is stuck?

Stuck Level 1: Fear of change

The first chakras, also known as the underwater wheel, are red in color. These are the chakras that dominate survival and the chakras that we need to help us overcome our own survival patterns, which are also the chakras of warriors.

The theme of this chakra is that when life presents you with struggles and challenges, there is still a sense of security. A large part of it is to be able to withstand vulnerability, to create a positive and unstoppable attitude in life no matter what the circumstances are, and to overcome conflicts and break through old beliefs brought about by our parents and even our ancestors.


Stuck Level 2: Happiness is frozen

The second chakras, called sex wheels, are orange in color.

It's about playing, creatively enjoying your life, and not obscuring your brain's alertness by indulging in temporary pleasures.

Happiness is frozen, and we feel guilty when we can't appreciate ourselves, or when we do well, and others are unhappy. It's when our partners are unhappy that we can't be happy, or we feel guilty about being happy. Happiness is frozen and will need to suffer with others and try to carry their karst baggage. It's the guilt of parents blaming themselves for their unhappiness or for not being good children.

The second chakra is part of the warrior, when you stand up for your needs, when you say "no" to the practice of taking away your happy life, when you no longer seek to accompany those who try to bring you disappointment.

Exploring your sexuality and enjoying your body can also be a place where we get stuck and shamed.

This chakra is the chakras that make the exploration of life more enjoyable to achieve an elegant, relaxed, and joyful life.

 Seven Chakra Healing

Stuck Level 3: Fear of losing control

The third chakra, called the solar plexus, is the chakras of our eternity, which is yellow.

Our little dilemma of I want to control everything, and I fear losing control. It is a chakra that teach us to understand the real and the fragile. When we are too sensitive to the environment and when we try to control it.

When we try to stay in control something, we are using our strength. Sooner or later, we will pay the price when we force things rather than let them flow naturally.

The subconscious belief is that we must be loved or liked in some way, so with as much control as possible, we can better show who we are, that we want to be perfect, and that our greatest problem is self-respect and self-worth. This is a big problem for most people, and here we need to develop an unshakable belief that all beings exist in the perfect way it needs to exist. This is an unshakable belief that everything that happens to us will change the meaning of the event and no effort can try to control the outcome of the event.

"Our little, I want to control everything and I'm very afraid of losing control.”

 Chakra Healing-magictarot

Stuck Level 4: Not loving yourself enough

The fourth chakra is the heart wheel and is color green. This is the chakras of love.

The first is to love yourself, and then to share it with others. It is to return and believe that you are sufficient, that you have all the resources, that you have all the abilities, wisdom, strength, and the creativity you need to create the life you want.

When we don't love ourselves enough, we seek respect, attention, evaluation, appreciation, recognition, and other needs. We will also begin to protect our influence on the outside world and begin to judge that other are not perfect, just as we think we are not good enough. It's a vicious circle, trapped in a cycle that requires others to find themselves cute enough. When our happiness comes mainly from external sources, not from the inside, we rely on others to achieve happiness. It's a feeling of disappointment and rejection, and most importantly, feeling that you're not worthy of love.

"You're self-sufficient!"  


Stuck Level 5: Afraid to say what you really think

Chakra 5 is the larynx wheel and it is blue. The world is silent about the truth.

There are many fragile topics that we don't have the courage to admit. In the past, politics, religion, and sex were topics that people avoided, and they promised to make some people uncomfortable, where in fact, we hid more.

Above all, we hide our true feelings, our true thoughts, and our pain. We try to pretend to be happy, successful, and self-sufficient, and we complain unless we start to be depressed. Here, we miss out on how to communicate and how to say what we really think, so we create spaces that are not real.

The real space is about passion and love, without critical language, rather than verbally insulting and hurting others or making them feel smaller.

The way people speak can reveal a lot, some people just say no, and some people listen, but they can't hear what's really going on. You can marry someone for 20 years, but you still can't talk to your heart.


Stuck Level 6: Don't trust your instincts

This famous chakra is the third eye, and it is in color purple.

This eye can see the truth behind the three-dimensional reality veil. It perceives the true nature of things. It can connect to your wise guide, it can let us see the laws of the universe, and it clarify the path of our destiny. It also lets you listen to your instincts, lets you believe in your instincts, explore the quantum world and the invisible spiritual world if you want to spend time on it.

We all have intuitions, but most of us are immersed in our rational judgment and logical way of thinking, and we don't believe in our innate abilities.  

If we continue to suppress the sound of intuition and make choices, we will get stuck somewhere away from the path of self-growth, because we cannot see signs of cues or believe them. There's a voice inside that tells you that trusting your instincts is risk-taking that doesn't guarantee that everything will be all right.

Trusting your instincts is risk-taking. But removing the intuition can help you build internal GPS or at least find the kindest way to guide our destiny and dreams down the path.

 Seven Chakra Healing-Magic Tarot

Stuck Level 7: Don't recognize your sacred nature

The seventh chakras are the top wheel at the top of the head, which is golden or white, connecting us with the almighty universe.

The highest level of being stuck is completely unconscious.

You are a divine and immortal Being who came to this planet just to have a learning experience. It is we that have chosen to experience this polar realm: pain and happiness, youth and aging, disease and health, prosperity, and poverty.

By comparison and contrast, unfairness, abuse, deception, hypocrisy, and religion will become the only way. In fact, more things are confusing us. Diverting our understanding of who we are and allowing us to live in a world dominated by my greed, self-preservation, false beliefs, and false love. Some religions tell us that we are guilty people, and that this is precisely the world's largest control system.

We are experiencing the sacred beings of the maze of human consciousness.

We have many opportunities to try so-called "right" and "match", even if it takes hundreds of lives, so we wouldn't make a mistake. It seems that we are slow students, but in infinite eternity, who cares? You don't get it this time; you can get it next time.

Once you wake up and realize who you are, you will stop loitering, and you will realize the most important issues in your life and take your path toward your true self. That is when you realize that love can only be love, nothing else. Every time you break away from your true nature, you experience the polarity of the human self.

There is only one goal, which is to continuously increase the frequency of your vibrations, to reject all thoughts, beliefs, feelings, expressions, etc. that are not part of the true divine nature and that are inconsistent with your true nature.

"It is the most important issue in your life to make your path toward your true self."  

Open chakra steps and efficacy


Open chakra steps and efficacy


  1. Open the bottom wheel (red). This chakra in many cases is based on the body's awareness and comfort. If it's turned on, you'll feel balanced, sensitive, stable, and safe. You will trust others unconditionally. You feel what's about to happen and you feel connected to the body. If the chakras are inactive: you may feel scared or nervous and prone to feeling unwelcome. If this chakra is overactive: you'll be materialistic and greedy. You'll feel like you should be safe and don't want to change.
· Use your body and keep an eye on the bottom wheel. Do yoga, take a walk in the open space, or do some housework. These activities will allow you to get to know your body better and will strengthen your bottom wheel.
· Contact the ground. It means that you should connect with the earth and feel it at your feet. Stand up straight and relax, stretch your shoulders, and gently bend your knees. Move your pelvis forward and keep your body balanced so that the weight of your body is evenly distributed to the soles of your feet. Then let the weight of the body lean forward. Hold this position for a few minutes.
· After touching the ground, sit cross-legged
· Gently touch the thumb and forefinger.
· The whole body is focused on the bottom wheel, which is located at that point between the genitals and the anus.
· Calm and clear "LAM" sound
· At this point, relax and think about the chakras, what they mean, and how they will affect your life.
· Keep it that way until you're completely relaxed and you'll feel "clean."
· Imagine a closed red flower. Imagine a very powerful force coming out of a flower. The flower opens slowly, then unfolds the four energetic petals.
· Shrinking will yin and hold your breath, then release them.

  1. Open the belly wheel (orange). This chakra deals with sensation and libido. If the chakras are open, the feeling will be released freely, but there will be no over-emotionalization. You will open up intimacy, become passionate and lively. If the chakras are inactive: You become dull or negative and appear to be very closed to others. If this round is overactive: you become sensitive and emotional.

    · Sit cross-legged, straighten your back, and relax.
    · Put your hands on your knees, palms up, hands folded, left hand down, left palm touch right hand back, two thumbs gently touched together.
    · Focus on the abdominal wheel, which is located at the tibia (back).
    · A calm and clear "VAM" sound
    · At this point, relax and think about the chakras, what they mean, and how they will affect your life.
    · Keep it that way until you're completely relaxed and you'll feel "clean."

    Open chakra steps-Magic Tarot

  2. Open the umbilical wheel (yellow). This chakra surrounds confidence, especially among groups. When the chakra is open, you feel a sense of control and a high sense of self-esteem. If the chakras are inactive: you become negative and hesitant, and you become anxious and unconfident. If this chakra is overactive: you will feel arbitrary and aggressive.

    · Sit cross-legged, straighten your back, and relax.
    · Place your hands on your stomach and gently under the abdominal nerves. Point your finger up and point away from you. Thumb’s cross and straighten all fingers, which is important.
    · Focus on the umbilical wheel, which is located on the spine, a little above the navel eye.
    · Calm and clear "RAM" sound
    · At this point, relax and think about the chakras, what they mean, and how they will affect your life.
    · Keep it that way until you're completely relaxed and you'll feel "clean."

    4. Open the heart wheel (green). This chakra is associated with love, compassion, and intimacy. When the chakras are open, you become compassionate and friendly, often working in a good relationship. If this chakra is inactive: you become cold and heartless. If the chakras are overactive: You become so "loving" that you put pressure on others, and you may be seen as a selfish person.

    · Sit down with your legs crossed.
    · The index finger and thumb touch each other gently, both hands.
    · Place your left hand on your left knee and your right hand lower in front of your sternum.
    · Focus on the heart wheel, which is located in the heart of the spine.
    · A calm and clear "YAM" sound.
    · At this point, relax and think about the chakras, what they mean, and how they will affect your life.
    · Keep it that way until you're completely relaxed and you'll feel "clean."

    5. Open the larynx (light blue). This chakra is related to self-expression and communication. When the chakras are open, self-expression becomes easy, and art is a great way to express yourself. If the chakras are inactive: you don't say a lot, so you'll look a little shy. If you lie often, the chakras will be blocked. If the chakras are overactive: you can say a lot of things that will make others feel bored. And you're going to be a bad listener.

    · Sit cross-legged again
    · Fingers other than the thumb are buckled. Touch the tip of your thumb and gently pull forward.
    · Focus on the larynx wheel, which is located in the position of the larynx.
    · Calm and clear"HAM"sound
    · At this point, relax and think about the chakras, what they mean, and how they will affect your life.
    · Keep it that way until you're completely relaxed, and you'll feel "clean."
6. Open the brow wheel (blue). As the name suggests, this chakra is about intuition. When the chakras are open, you will have strong insight and will dream a lot. If this round is inactive: You'll ask someone to know you. You'll rely too much on your faith, and you'll often become confused. If this round is overactive: you'll live in an imaginary world all day. In extreme cases, you may even have daydreaming or even hallucinations.
· Sit cross-legged.
· Put your hands under your chest. The middle finger should point straight up away from you. The first two fingers of the other fingers are bent. Thumbs touch each other, point to yourself.
· Focus on the brow wheel, which is positioned on the upper side between the two eyebrows.
· Calm and clear "OM" or "AUM" sounds.
· At this point, relax and think about the chakras, what they mean, and how they will affect your life.
· Keep it that way until you're completely relaxed and you'll feel "clean."

7. Open the top wheel (pink). This is the seventh and most spiritual chakras. It has to do with the unity of wisdom and heaven and man. When this chakra is open, you will be free of prejudice, and you will be more sensitive to the world and its connection to you. If this chakra is inactive: your spirit will be poor, and your mind will be rigid. If it's overactive: you'll see everything rationally. Spirit seems to enter your brain for the first time, and if you are overexcited, you may even ignore your physical needs (food, water, living).
· Sit down cross-legged.
· Put your hands in front of your stomach. The little finger points up and touches the fingertips. The other fingers are connected, and the left thumb is placed under the right thumb.
· Focus on the top wheel, which is located above your head.
· Calm and clear"NG"sound (yes, it looks hard to make).
· At this point, your body should be completely relaxed and feel calm inside. But don't stop and watch your top wheel.
· This meditation is the longest and should not be less than ten minutes.
· If your bottom wheel is not strong or open, do not use this meditation to focus on the top wheel. Before dealing with the last chakras, you need to have a strong "foundation" that the bottom wheel is.


Sit in a quiet and warm place and think of this connection as a meditation. You should sit in the fields or garden in summer. On winter, you should sit in a warm place without distraction. If you have a sauna, which few people do, you can use it as it's a great place to calm yourself and clean your head.